Hurry up and wait
October 16, 2011, 10:15 pm
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The Harness Room

October 15, 2011

     In the army it was often said that we must “Hurry up and wait.” We would run from one place to get to another, only to have to stand quiet and wait for Lord only knows what. Seems we ran a lot and waited often, so the  description sure did fit.
     I have been working steady to get my knee healed. The physical therapy excercise seem to be working well. I get better each day. The weather continues to be wet and unsettled… so even though I am hurrying to get back at it … I must wait. The weather is probably why I am healing so well. I can’t be out running crazy trying to get the harvest in. I am pretty much held in the house looking out… like all the other farmers in our area.
     The horses and equipment is ready to go. I am almost ready. All we are waiting on is the weather to change. I know it will come. It always has. I guess we all just need to be patient.
     The garden is all done and mowed off. The potatoes are dug and laid out to dry in a dark barn. I would like to plow the garden and seed it to some sort of cover crop like wheat or rye, but that might not happen this year. I may just cover it with manure, when I finally can and let it sit like that all winter.
     I talked with a friend of mine, who lost his whole crop of 9000 pumpkin plants. I watched his children plant them last spring. The plants grew well with lots of pumpkins, but once the pumpkins were harvested, they began to spoil. They turned soft and rotted. Many are laying in the field turning to orange slop. The entire investment is lost. The only good is, that the rotted plants and fruit can be plowed under, returning their nutrients back into the soil.
     I fear that many other growers of farm and produce crops will feel the pain of failure this fall. I can say that though our potato crop was light, we did get enough. Our garden provided very well, in spite of being late planted. Our corn still looks good and continues to ripen and dry down. Picking it may be an issue, but we’ll work through it. I am thankful for what we have been given.
     The drizzle is falling as I write. The saturated soil weeps as the ditches and creeks run high. The colorful leaves have been swept from the trees as the autumn rain washes the earth around us. I rush to heal as the crops ripen, but we farmers, will all just have to ….. Hurry up and wait.

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