You guys cold?
October 17, 2011, 9:21 pm
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Piggies looking for a blanket

October 17, 2011

     All this recent wet weather has been rough, but now a cold front has moved in…making us wimps want a blanket 😮 The damp cold has me wearing a hooded sweatshirt for half of the day. The piglets burrow down in the warm straw and cuddle up…and its not even winter yet!
     The gas fireplace feels good for a few hours each night. We run it to take off the chill and to look at the pretty blue flames. It seems funny that only last week it was 80 degrees and this morning it was 42 degrees F. It was a normal October day, but dang where did summer go?
     I worked on some coffee table plans for a couple of pasture sheds for the sheep. They are hardy, but the cold rain, they do not like. The icy freezing rain of late November and December, they detest … just like the rest of us. I am planning to add a couple more shelters to pastures that don’t have any. Usually we don’t use those pastures in winter, but the rains have made for some very nice stock piled grass for the sheep to graze upon this winter.
     I have a material list and thankfully most of the materials needed. I have some willing help, although they don’t know it yet, now all we need is a few dry days. I guess we could work in the rain, but we have been doing that so much this fall we are getting webs between our toes 😮
     I delivered some breeding sheep stock today. The new farmer was pleased, his wife seemed happy and his children are probably still talking about the new additions to their farm. It was a nice trip…farm animals and children belong together.
     I managed to talk with several friends and family members in the last few days. Its funny almost every one of them said … “You guys cold?”  I can’t help but think of the snuggled down little piglets and I just smile … winter is coming.

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one blessing for sure is you dont have to cut wood for the house fire!!! Also no messy cleanup U got to love that!! Fall season is upon the farm but it’s just showing it’s true colors!! So many and ever changing like life itself! Remember to stop and smell the seasons, enjoy all that is around you……past,present, and future………..much love to all of you What a family we have become……..looking forward to the next season together!

Comment by Donna aka Gert

ps are one of those going into our freezer?? cant wait

Comment by Donna aka Gert

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