Sun in the Fall
October 18, 2011, 10:51 pm
Filed under: October 2011
Looking northwest

October 18, 2011

     The sun was shining today. We are in between two storm fronts. The rain will move in tonight, but it is good to see the sun. Our summer seemed short due to the rainy spring and rainy late summer. The poor folks in Texas could use a bit of our rain…trust me, we don’t mean to be hogging it all 😮
     We moved animals around to different paddocks today. The goats moved to a nice pasture that has a few extra weeds that need eaten. They were moving right along tonight clipping the noxious offenders as if they were candy from a dish. The little steer in with them munched the white clover. I could almost see him smile as he ate his fill.
     The horses soaked up the sun on their black coats. They know that soon the warm days will give way to the cold and snow of winter. I guess we should all get out and soak up some of the warmth. The wet dreary days will soon return with the dampness that makes baby pigs snuggle in straw and men hunger for a bowl of homemade vegetable soup.
     The harvest waits while the fields try to dry out. The rains just don’t want to recede. The mud is everywhere and ponds and creeks are still full. The weatherman keeps sending us rain, but the sun in the fall, warms a man from the outside in…be patient…all will be well soon.

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