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October 22, 2011, 7:12 am
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King watching television

October 22, 2011

     King has discovered the TV. I think he thinks the people should come out and pet him. He watches it close, especially anything with an animal on it. He looks like a professor to me.
     New things make many people uncomfortable. I am among those people. I don’t like change too much, but our world is full of it. The changes come so fast that I can barely keep up. My phone still flips open and text to me is the print in a book …. WTF 😮
     I have a struggle using all the gadgets that are in the TV remote. I never did learn to set a VCR to tape a show or movie. Looks like that was a good thing because by the time I would have gotten  it all learned…VCR’s went the way of 8-track tapes!
     How about cursive handwriting? I understand that it too may become a thing of the past. I was never very good at it and have printed most of my adult life. I do remember some people having beautiful writing skills. Their notes looked like something from a King or Queen. Mine often looked liked something awful…especially when writing with an ink pen.
     What’s up with all the technology? I am so far behind. I just got used to head phones and the world is moving on to the next generation of “I-Phone”  What the heck is “4-G” anyway?      And by the way…. I thought a Droid, was the trash can looking guy named r2d2 from Star Wars!
     I am ready to let most of this new stuff pass me by. I do like the internet, MP3 players and rubber tires on my wagon. I like the synthetic harness that has taken the place of leather. It is easy to clean, looks nice and is much lighter.
     Maybe I am more advanced that I thought. I do work horses, but have adapted several progressive pieces of farm equipment to make up for lost time. I guess that is the whole driver in technology anyway…. TIME. Where does it go? We can talk on the phone while doing just about anything else. We can speed across town in automobiles. We can research anything on the internet saving us hours of precious time… BUT, where does the time go?
     I saw a lady yesterday that I haven’t seen in quite a while. She made an incredible difference in my life many years ago. She found in me, a person no one else could see. She inspired a spark in me that burns brightly today. She could see beyond my farm boy roots and into the future, knowing that I would someday inspire others. I am forever in her debt.
     She was my high school English teacher, who taught me to write. She helped me find myself and gave me the ability to put into words my thoughts and feelings…with a plain old pencil and paper. She graded hard. She hated commas, but I still use them to excess 😮 
     So I write. I shun technology. I work draft horses and farm the old ways of my grandparents. I don’t text, tweet or Facebook. I do enjoy a good book and friendly conversation. I may learn some day to embrace change, but I doubt it.
     What’s up …………  you ask?       Too dang much if you ask me!

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Ralph, you are entirely too, too kind. It takes two to tango and two to develop a writer: the teacher AND the student. Teachers are worthless if their students don’t respond. You did when I wasn’t even looking. By the way, did I teach Hemingway’s “Old Man and the Sea” to your class? The Old Man is a master fisherman (but you have to have luck) and a master at life. The boy “gets it.” A simple story about a simple lifestyle but a profound lesson on the business of living life fully, deeply, no matter the outcome. I’ll continue to “see you” on the web. Janice Smith

Comment by Janice Smith

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