October 23, 2011, 3:41 pm
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End of the growing season 2011

October  23, 2011

     The clouds cleared out-of-the-way enough for us to get our first frost of the season. That is the end of the growing season for this year. What a season it has been. You can see the extent of my corn harvest so far. Usually at this time corn shocks would be standing in neat rows around the outside of the field. This year, however, the mud keeps man and machine at bay.
     The corn looks very good. It is drying down nicely with big, full ears. I am impressed with the late planted crop. I almost didn’t plant, but wow I dodged a bullet this year. Good growing conditions, plenty of moisture and a late frost has made my crop a success. I won’t gamble every year, but this year it has paid off so far.
     The new strawberry bed looks good. The little plants have rooted well. I will apply some compost to them next week and give them a boost while putting them to bed for winter. I am very glad that the grass should stop growing for this year. The pastures look great and our lawn looks like a pasture …. almost 😮
     Our weather continues to be unsettled, with rain forecasted for most of next week. Like the rest of the farming community in our area, I will work around the rain drops and wait to get the harvest in. Luckily for me … I have other stuff to do to keep me busy!

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