Are you picking on me?
October 24, 2011, 10:29 pm
Filed under: October 2011
Ears with the ends picked by birds

October 24, 2011

     If you click on the picture above, you will see the damage done to the end of a few ears of the drying corn. The birds feast on the corn that grew out of the husk. The large ears push their tips out past the end of the husk in response to a last minute flush of rain at the end of the growing season.
     I guess I should be upset that the birds are eating some of my corn. Maybe I should kick the ground and stomp my hat because I will lose a few ears to the wildlife. I will tell you that it isn’t going to happen. I plant enough to lose a few ears. I plan to leave some in the field every year to feed the wild critters.
     Some may think I am wasteful, but I think that I am being humane. I am leaving a little for the deer who also feed us. The raccoons will also benefit, but they too are trapped to keep their population in check. The wild turkey enjoy eating much of the winter on a few plants we leave. They also grace our table once in a while.
     This farm provides for us. I like to keep it all in balance as much as I can. Giving a little back just seems like the right thing to do. My livestock will also glean the fields for feed. The animals help clean up after harvest and eat seeds that would become a nuisance in the next crop. They also fertilize as they graze…paying me back. It is just part of the cycle of life.
     When I was a young kid, I was picked on from time to time. I guess now it might be called bullying, but we thought it was part of growing up. I know that I got some thick skin from the name calling and what have you, but I turned out okay. Looking back, I hope that anyone I teased as a kid, has forgiven me. Life is too short for such nonsense… but children don’t see that far ahead.
     I will continue to leave a row or two for the animals. I will spread manure on the coldest, snowy days. Just a load or two in fields where no danger of run-off exists The birds dine on whatever is in that manure. I can’t see much of anything in that composted black gold, but they eat with gusto!
     I will also continue to teach my grandchildren, like my children, not to pick on other kids. I will help them appreciate the simple things in life.  I hope to make them stewards of our farm, our community and our planet. As for the corn … I hope to teach them to enjoy…… picking it 😮

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