An Imposter Among Us
October 25, 2011, 9:15 pm
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See the deer?

October 25, 2011

     The other day I was out taking pictures and I snapped this one of the sheep. If you look real close, right over the white ewe in the foreground, there is a deer behind her, only its head is visible.                                              
     I guess he is camouflaged, hiding among the sheep. The sheep didn’t seem to mind. It was almost as if they didn’t know it was there. I think they call that hiding in plain sight. It is a ploy used by some criminals… I am not sure what the deer had in mind, but the potlicker stole my heart 😮
     I have a friend who had some testing done. The doctor gave him the unpleasant results today. He has a long road in front of himself as there is cancer living in his body. I guess it too was hiding in plain sight. I know he can beat it. He has a positive attitude, a great wife and a stable full of good broke draft horses. That is a winning combination if there ever was one!
     I will be in my friend’s corner. I am a bit too far away to help with chores, but I will console him, lift his spirits when I can and be here for him just to listen. He is a tough guy who is in great shape. I refuse to think sad thoughts, I know he can hunker down and beat the doggone thing.
     My youngest son came today and worked here on the farm. He made some real progress on my list. I had to work away from the farm, but he worked liked two men. I am thankful and proud of him. He has had three older brothers to watch work and by golly he is as hard-working as them. I am proud of all my sons.
     The weatherman says that we will get some more rain tomorrow, followed by some wet snow on Thursday. I guess we will get “squaw winter” out-of-the-way so we can have some “Indian summer”. I am looking forward to a few more nice days as we prepare for the cold and snow that will soon cover us.
     The deer may hide with the sheep and a disease may hide in a man, but time and the seasons march boldly forward. The best way to tackle any of it is head up and head on. The deer with have to face his kind and the fighting that occurs during breeding season. The man will fight as his body heals and all of us will fight the ice and snow of a northeast Ohio winter.
     The only things hidden in plain sight will be all the things that I didn’t get put away before the snow covered it all up. Those things , just like a child’s toy on the floor in the dark … will find a way to remind us to quit fooling around and get busy!

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I looked hard…but I sure don’t see the deer! Time for new glasses?

Comment by Aunt June

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