The Nurse and the Quilt
October 28, 2011, 9:57 am
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October 28, 2011

     I have done a few crazy things in my life and last Tuesday I did another. A man told me once never tattoo a gal’s name on your body. No names for me! Do you think a nurse wrapped in a quilt will make anyone think of Connie?  ……….. Well, I do 😮
     We had a BIG frost last night. Everything was covered in it. The grass was crunchy and the cars were encased in it. I am sure that is the end of the growing season…. because it even frosted in Cleveland and that is where the weatherman is located….. NOW its official  😮
     We have been working getting the old horse barn renovated. The boys have been knocking out the old stalls and helping with the clean-up. It is almost done and not a bit too soon. The snow will soon be blasting us and I want all my equipment inside. The horses will benefit too with a smaller, snug barn.
     The barn where the horses will be has a copula on top. It draws fresh air at all times. The barn stays warm and odor free as the foul air vents up and away. The best part is that the barn stays dry because the horse’s breath moisture is exhausted as well. A barn too tight is stinky, damp and just plain yucky!
     I installed ventilators on the hog barn a few years ago. It works pretty well too. That barn also stays warm and free from odor much to the delight of the pigs. The baby ones benefit most because their little noses are closest to the ground. The ammonia and other odors are all but non-existent. This makes for a much healthier environment for all the inhabitants.
     Things are good here at Riceland Meadows. The crops continue to ripen, many projects are being completed. My wife laughed at my new tattoo and will still let me continue to live here… but… know that it was quite a surprise!

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I told you, once you get inked, you would want more than one! Looks good though, I like it.

Comment by Charlie

Are you still on those drugs from your surgery??

Comment by Aunt June

whats next biker leather…..then i think Mom will definately put you out in the barn hhahahaa Is this what they call a farmer midlife crisis????? Well at least you wont be regretting getting a “tramp stamp” in your younger days hehehehehe When is Mom getting her tattoo?????? tell her i have markers that wash off!!!!!!!! see you all soon

Comment by Donna aka Gert

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