Gone for Now
November 12, 2011, 10:57 pm
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Looking east after Friday’s Snow

November 12, 2011

     The snow has all melted now except for a few patches on the north side of things. The sun has turned it back into water. The ground is soggy again, but the snow cover is gone for now.
     The sugarhouse looks like a painting from Norman Rockwell. It sets among the trees in the little hollow on our farm. The snow just dresses it up. Click on the photo above and look for yourself 😮
     I picked a load of corn today from the ends of the field. I have much more to pick, but it was nice seeing the golden harvest take shape. The ears are not ready to store yet, but the animals sure love them. The slow progress of picking by hand, will give the ears a chance to dry down more as they are spread out on the floor of the crib.
     I managed to work on my unending list of jobs today. I completed several and felt good as I crossed them off the list. The winter is bearing down upon us and though the snow is gone for now, I know it will soon be back.
     Most of the farm equipment and tools are stored away for the winter. The firewood and sugarwood is almost finished, just a few more days and that job too will be completed. The corn harvest will push me right into the winter snow, but I like that job, so no complaining here.
     We are in the process of cutting the dolly wheels and axle out from under a small semi trailer. The forgotten hauler will get a new life here on the farm as a storage building. I saved it from the scrap yard, much to the dismay of my dear wife. I keep telling her that once it is camouflaged and sitting on the ground, she will hardly even be able to see it.
     I figure by dark tomorrow, the semi will be seated upon railroad ties. It will be tucked in behind a hill of dirt and just like the snow … It will be gone for now 😮

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Nice pic!! No I don’t miss the snow. 🙂

Comment by Mindy

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