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November 14, 2011, 2:13 pm
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King and I in a discussion

November 14, 2011

     Rain is pelting down outside. The wind is howling and November is flying by at  breakneck speed. I am wondering where the first half of the month went. King and I were discussing this subject. He is wondering not only where the month went, but his testicles as well 😮  I gave him the whole “responsible pet owner” speech … but he isn’t buying into it.
     My work list is winding down. I was hoping to use the horses and pick corn today. The weather and a prior commitment, has made that not a good choice. I surely don’t want to catch pneumonia over picking corn. I want to do it, but at this point I don’t need to do it. Wisdom really does come with age.
     In the last several days, I have been able to see a few of my oldest friends. I was able to spend quality time with them to boot. In every case, we were working together on a small job. The conversation flowed like wine and the friendships became cemented even more.
     One guy stopped for a check. I told him I would write it and hang it on the calendar, stop and get it anytime. The date on the check was 10-7-11. He picked it up last night. That level of trust, goes without explanation. I am glad to have him for a friend.
     Two other pals of mine helped me to get the dolly wheels and axle off a semi trailer. The trailer will be for some storage, taking the place of a small building. (more on this subject later) We worked a few hours to make it all happen and once again, friendship and trust went hand in hand….. especially as I held the trailer, testing the lifting limits of my skidsteer, as two of my dearest friends worked in harm’s way.
     Coffee, talking and gentle ribbing were the order of the evening. Darkness started to close on us and we all had to get back to chores and all that is farming. We parted as friends do, each of us telling the other to “stop by again soon.”
     I am a busy guy, but I will always make time for great conversation. Some will even say that I excel in conversation…even my wife describes me as a “Bullshi**er  Extrodinair” … and …. Who knows better than her?

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So True!!! Love Ya!

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