November 21, 2011, 10:12 pm
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New Horse Mangers

November 21, 2011

     The new horse stalls are complete. I have been very busy of late and even my BLOG has been neglected. Life, work, farming and perhaps a little worry flood in now and then. I am usually right on top of all of it, but now and then I get bowled over.
     Recently a good friend started chemo therapy, my little sister had a big surgery and chores, farming and life itself doesn’t wait while I get it all under control. I am happy to report that sis’ surgery went well and my buddy is handling his treatment very well too.
     I am back on top at least for now 😮
     My son got another deer. We butchered a small pig and are in the process of making bologna, pepperoni, jerky and smoked sausage. The results are tasty. It has been fun for me dabbling in the old craft of sausage making.
     Horse work here on the farm is aimed at picking field corn. So far we are just picking the ends of the rows. I hope to be able to pick with the powercart and cornpicker once the mud lets up!
     Firewood is almost complete for this year, but a little more needs split and stacked. We hope to finish this week. Thanksgiving is almost here and one thing for sure … We are thankful!
     Having the horses back in the barn that I built for them is working out great. Chores are quicker, harnessing is easier and the whole farm flows as it was designed…. I don’t know what the heck I have been stalling for 😮

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