Waiting on Dad
November 22, 2011, 3:22 pm
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King … who is not allowed on the carpet

November 22, 2011

     I was working night shifts, so it requires sleeping during the day. My dog doesn’t understand why we are not out walking the farm or working horses. He waits for me , but not too patiently. He lies on the threshold of our living room staring at the bedroom door…. waiting on dad.
     My children wait on me sometimes too. I usually want one more cup of tea or coffee. It isn’t the beverage so much as it is the time sitting with them that I enjoy. We often gather in our kitchen, talking and visiting as the little room fills with love … that kind of love fills a person all the way to the heart.
     Yesterday, my youngest son and I went to a local stockyard and sale barn. We bought a nice boar to breed our gilt. He is a handsome fellow that I named Noah. He will restart our pig population here on the farm. The gilt is not interested right now, but they will grow to love each other very soon.
     It was a real father son moment when I realized that my son was the one driving the truck and I was the one half asleep in the passenger seat 😮 We made it to the sale and back. We bought the boar and five nice piglets to finish this winter. My son waited on me as we sat in the bleachers. He was cold, but waited like a trooper on dad.
     Today, rain is falling and a heavy rain is forecasted for later today. I am working on smoking the last of the deer jerky. It is a good day to be inside. I will hopefully smoke the last of the meat by tomorrow. The last load will be a few cottage hams and some Canadian bacon, made for the pig who gave her life for the deer bologna we made.
     Everybody says, “call your mother”, but I want to say … “Call your dad!”  It will be good for both of you 😮   If you can’t call your dad .. call an uncle, your brother on some man who is a favorite in your life … You will be glad that you did.


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