Sharing Blessings
November 23, 2011, 10:37 pm
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Rachel and Duke

November 23, 2011

     Sharing blessings is a wonderful thing. It fills you with a feeling that is not found just anywhere. Recently, I was able to donate money to a man who was in a bad accident. He is recovering slowly. I felt good about sharing some of what we have with him and his family.
     My granddaughter is feeding my draft horse Duke. She is sharing some of the hay that Duke help make this past summer. Duke is grateful and my granddaughter is delighted. I was filled with a good feeling as I watched the whole scene play out. I am sure that many years ago, it was me feeding my grandpa’s horse.
     As the horse greedily ate the morsel offered by my grandchild, I could feel the love of the past generations of horse farmers, shining through my soul. I stood in the sunlight and savored that moment, thanking God for his shared blessings.
     Yesterday we got a whopping 1.8 inches of rain. The ground was just starting to dry out, but now is saturated once again. The corn waits, but all the inhabitants of this farm are glad it wasn’t snow 😮
     The pies for tomorrows dinner are all baked and sitting on the counter. The turkey cools in the refrigerator. Pots and pans line the kitchen and the work waits patiently for my wife. Our house will be filled with family and friends as we share blessings and celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Take time to think about the less fortunate and better still….share some of your blessings with them. The reward is without measure.


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