Missing You on Thanksgiving
November 24, 2011, 10:11 pm
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King waiting and missing me

November 24, 2011

     The house is empty. The family gone. The food is all put away and a stillness fills our house. It was a very good Thanksgiving except for the missing family members. Life takes us on a journey. That journey may take us far from family and home, but home and family will follow you all the days of your life.
     We talked to many people by phone that weren’t here today. Our methods of media make it much easier to say hello and we love you now days. That media, is a wonderful thing…. but I think it’s still OK to miss the people who weren’t with us.
     I miss my mom, especially on the holidays, even though I know she is with us. I miss our kids that have moved away, grandchildren at college and extended family that has plans and dinner for the rest of our brood.
     It would be easy to sad today if it weren’t for all the blessings that we have to share. Like I said many have called to talk, some texted and some e-mailed. The best part is, that there was a lot of food, lots of smiles and enough love to make it a great day.
     Today, officially starts the Christmas shopping season. Many of our family members have their sights set on the sales, stores and shopping that comes with “Black Friday.” I am very content to just stay home…petting my dog 😮
     This was a fantastic day when it comes to being filled with fun. There were no cross words, no snubs and only a couple of tears from the little ones. My grandson learned a new word today… and will hopefully remember not to use it again for many years… hence the few tears….been there done that 😮
     All of the animals got a little extra feed today. The pigs got a few apple peelings and a couple of pumpkins. The chickens got a little bit of speltz grain. The horses also got speltz. The cats got some turkey broth and the goats, a couple of carrots. The dog only got a few extra treats of his own, but no table food…He will soon be big enough to stand well above our table…don’t want to see a whole ham walk away one day!
     I wish all of my readers a Happy Thanksgiving. I wish a blessing for all of you. To my extended family…hugs…and know that you were missed today.

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