Still Getting Them!
November 25, 2011, 9:11 pm
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The Trappers

November 25, 2011

     We are still getting raccoons. The masked bandits are working steady in my corn field. The good news is that they are leaving the chickens alone … for now.
     My son’s children are learning about nature, animal habitat and that November water is very cold. My grandson is a little Daniel Boone, following in the footsteps of his father. My granddaughter is the brave one. She is alert for danger and watches over her male counter parts like a mother hen 😮
     Some people still wear fur. I would much rather hunt and trap wild animals humanly, than have them starve to death from over crowding or die from  disease. The population . kept in check is a good thing , at least that is what I believe.
     All of our sons and most of our daughters like the out-of-doors and all that comes with nature. That love extends down into the next generations of our family. The connection with land, food and our environment can be felt by all. The stewardship we share makes our farm and woodlands much more secure.
     Some will wonder what I mean by that last statement and to clarify, bear with me. Good environmental stewards keep a watchful eye on water quality, to just name one thing. We have a ten-acre wetland ripiarian buffer between us and Mill Creek, the stream that borders our farm. We are careful when spreading compost. We manage our woods for wildlife habitat as part of our efforts to improve our woodland holdings.
     We plant food plots for the wild animals or leave a few rows unharvested just to ensure winter isn’t too tough on the woodland creatures. Just like the cattle and hogs on this farm, life is happy and stress free. Then one day they are dispatched, quickly and humanly. They themselves nourish us, ensuring the cycle of life continues.
     Raccoons can be destructive pests that recently have become infested with rabies. That disease makes it necessary to vaccinate our livestock, just in case one would be bitten while grazing. The “coons” love fresh chicken, especially warm and feathered! We will not eradicate them, merely trap enough to keep their numbers in check… hopefully keeping them in the woods looking for food instead of in my chicken coop, trash bin or corn crib!
     I am happy that my son takes the job of trapper so seriously. He is a contentious man. He checks his traps promptly. He dispatches the animals quickly and takes care of the kill so as not to waste it. He also keeps the muskrats under control in our pond keeping the dam and bank sound and in good repair.
     His little family trudges through the woods with him. He teaches them many things. He thinks he is a trapper..and he is, but he is a good daddy too! When it comes to making memories, it can be said that he… is… “Still getting Them”


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