Muskrat Love?
November 26, 2011, 9:25 pm
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No Fear

November 26, 2011

     My granddaughter playing with a dead muskrat. I think she may be skinning them by next year. She helps a little bit with the meat cutting and sausage making. I guess she has it quite a bit different from most city kids 😮
     It was a nice day here today. A friend of mine solved a problem with the new log splitter we built. It was a simple thing really, but sure had us scratching our heads! I am looking forward to a full day of using it.
     The horses have put their winter coats on. They are still shiny black…when I can keep them from rolling in the mud. They love to do that and I hate all the brushing that comes from it. I guess it’s just a thing they do to keep me busy.
     Deer season starts next week. The traps are pulled and all the stock will be kept up by the barn… just in case. We hope to get another deer to finish filling the freezer and perhaps fill a few canning jars. I wonder if I can get my granddaughter to help with the butchering 😮


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Couldn’t you get her a puppy???

Comment by Mindy

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