Window to my World
December 27, 2011, 4:27 pm
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The mystery knothole

December 27, 2011

     The other day when our visitors came, they fed the lazy goats carrots and celery through this knothole in the barn siding. The goats, usually very friendly, just wouldn’t come out and play. They waited for our guests to put the treats through the hole. They grabbed them and ate with delight. Our guests were reduced to just watch the goats through the tiny window.
     This BLOG offers a glimpse of my life. It is a window into my world. I get to share things that happen in my life and on our farm. The light shines both ways. People comment and share their memories and life with me as well. I never thought this portal would be such a sheer pleasure for me.
     Today a cold rain falls on the farm. The mud is already deep, the ponds are full and the ground is saturated. I still can’t believe that it is this late in December and we are having warm temperature and rain instead of cold, ice and snow. I am sure one day soon, winter will come with a vengeance!
     The warm weather means that lake Erie isn’t frozen. We will get lake effect snowfall for the rest of out winter …well at least I think so 😮  The ice and cold will roll across the lake on the north wind. The clouds will pick up warm moist air, turn the crystals to snow flakes and dump them here in the snow belt of northeast Ohio.
     It would be a wonderful thing if we would have a week of cold weather to freeze the ground first, but a bunch of snow dumped on top of all this mud will make field travel difficult for most guys. I have the horses. They don’t get stuck. They start when it’s cold and have all the power I need. On the worst days, I can just sit inside and take pride that I worked on other days hard enough so that I don’t have to go out when it’s bad. Feeding and caring for the animals is done inside the warm barns…as all of us thumb our noses at the bad weather.
     I guess I will just hunker down, watch from my window and share memories made on better days. All though I will say, I have made some whopper memories when the mud and snow were deep. One that comes to mind was made while I was working in a woodlot skidding timber with my horses.
     The log cutters were starting in a new area. We teamsters were caught up and were standing around talking while our horses rested. I was standing on the side of the skidway listening to a couple old timers talk. All of the sudden, I started to fall forward??  I just lost my balance somehow. My feet were crossed as I was standing and got tangled up in the mud and sticks. I fell headlong into the quagmire that was our skidway. I put my arms out, as if to do a push up, to catch myself. That plan would have worked fairly well if the mud had not been so deep. I did a face plant in the gooey, wet mud. I could hear the men all laughing, just slightly muffled, by the mud in my ears. I had to laugh myself, because that must have been a sight to watch 😮
     Hang around, share my stories and my life. Enjoy the view from the window to my world.

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