Like a Pig on Ice
December 28, 2011, 4:00 pm
Filed under: December 2011
Noah and Piggy Sue

December 28, 2011

     The old timers used to say that it was as slick driving as a “pig on ice”. It’s true, pigs don’t get much traction on ice. Last night,  we got a mini ice storm. My truck was much like the pigs as we slid and spun our way home. It is the first of the season, so driving a bit slower was the order of the day… but some folks just don’t get it. I saw them off the road looking forlorn, late and ticked off. I tried to brighten their day by smiling and waving as I drove by 😮  after making sure no body was hurt of course!
     My pigs are staying part of this winter in my pig barn. They still get access to a play area, but winter grazing will have to wait until the corn is picked. They don’t seem to mind. Their pens are bedded with deep fresh straw and the daily excercise keeps them from getting bored. Piggy Sue and Noah share a pen. They keep each other warm, provide company for each other and hopefully… piglets for the farmer in March.
     The horses are enjoying a romp in the snow as well as the pigs. I think the snow brings out the child in all of us. I feel better. My dog is playing and rolling in the snow. The sheep are out grazing and I swear the cats were trying to make snow angels in the stuff.
     It is probably the first of some snowy days to come. The animals and I are taking it pretty well. Later in the week, they are once again calling for warm weather as our unseasonable winter continues … It’s not up to us. I will just take it as it comes and be glad for not having to shovel … yet!

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