Wrapping up Christmas
January 3, 2012, 8:19 pm
Filed under: January 2012
King the Christmas puppy

January 3, 2011

     We are all in the process of wrapping up Christmas. Soon the tree will be down, the decorations  packed back in boxes and the left over cookies will be put into the freezer….well ok, but the rest of the stuff is true 😮
     King was a perfect pet as usual, even during the Holiday season. He did not chew anything but his own toys. He understood that he had to be in his crate when our house was full of people. He did get to romp with a few guests, but even then he was mostly a good boy.
     It is hard to believe that King is just a little over six months old. He is tipping the scale at over 95 pounds and can’t walk under our kitchen table. Well, he shouldn’t walk under the table, but tries every now and then only to discover that he doesn’t fit.
     Farm work is at a crawl. The mud is only covered with the snow. The very cold temperatures we experienced last night and tonight cannot penetrate the snow cover…so mud waits to ensnare me again in the coming days. I would like to wrap up the corn harvest, just as my wife knocks out all the un-decorating in the house, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.
     Wrapping up Christmas is bittersweet for me. The season always seems to take so long to get here, but then goes by in a flash. It’s as if I am a kid again. Now, we wait for December to come again in 2012. I am already planning for next year while my wife is still cleaning up from this year… It is so good to be a man… well… a big little boy anyway 😮

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