Hunkering Down
January 2, 2012, 8:54 pm
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Three little piggies in a house of straw

January 2, 2012

     Well, winter has indeed found us. We got nine inches of snow since late last night. The wind is blowing it everywhere. It’s just a winter storm, no big deal usually, but it is the first one this winter!
     The animals are all hunkered down, well fed, well bedded and waiting out the storm. There is a calm in the barns. They all seem to know that going out to play for very long is not an option. They lay about chewing their cud or just resting.
     The pigs in the photo were just out to eat and headed for their house made from round bales. I wintered them there last winter. They liked it very well. It is warm in their house and there is a deep bed of straw. Who could ask for much more than that? Warm soft bed to lay on with a full tummy … I know it works for me 😮
     The whole farm is covered in a deep white blanket. When the wind gusts die down, it is a pretty sight… When the wind is blowing… you can’t see! I should have plowed the drive tonight, but decided to wait until the rest of the snow gets here. I will find out tomorrow if that decision was a good one.
     I am pleased with my decision right now as I sip tea, eat a Christmas cookie and hunker down in the warm house. Oh yea, I am supposed to diet… I am only eating one cookie… that is like dieting!
     I am sure once the storm passes and the weather wanes, I can get back to working horses and getting firewood. In the meantime,  they seem to be enjoying the break… so I will too.

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