Knight’s Team-Mate
January 5, 2012, 8:36 pm
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Hoss 1-5-12

January 5, 2011

     Hoss is pictured in the photo above. Knight looks on as well. Hoss came to live here a year ago last October. He is an almost carbon copy of Knight. They have become great friends and good team mates. They are becoming one of the best teams that I have ever owned.
     Knight has a brother. His name is Duke. I thought having a pair of full brothers would be an awesome idea. The two horses work okay together and are even fairly closely matched, but as a working team, they do not match the best. Duke needs individual attention. We get along very well when I work him single, but in a team he just loves to push my buttons.
     I almost sent Duke “down the road” when Hoss came to live here. I would have had it not been for a small firewood job that only required the use of a single horse. I chose Duke to do the job. He worked out so well, he earned his right to stay. I use him alone or in a 3-horse hitch when needed. I found his niche 😮
     Hoss and Knight are matched for personality and gait. They pull together and have the same even temperament. Man, I like these horses! I found Hoss living in the mountains of Pennsylvania. I knew at first glance that he was a dead ringer for Knight. I really wanted him.
     Hoss was not for sale. I offered to buy him, but the offer was turned down. I left the door open by telling my friend who owned him, that if things changed, I would like to get first chance at him. I did indeed get the chance and the rest is history.
     I brought Hoss home to my farm in the northeast corned of Ohio. He had to learn to walk on flat ground. He practically walked in circles when I first got him home,  from standing on the hillside for so long 😮  He adapted well and now, enjoys the flat terrain.
     There is only a quarter-inch difference in Knight and Hoss’ height. I am not even sure that fifty pounds separates them by weight. I can’t tell them apart when they are across the pasture. I only wish I could show them to my grandpas. They would be proud of my team.  I think sometimes l can feel them, taking up the lines. I can almost see them swell with pride, as the horses step off.
     I got a great horse when I bought Hoss. Knight got a great team-mate. Duke got to stay here on the farm and gets one on one time with me. I guess that is good for him … I know it’s good for me. So I guess it was good for everybody …  when Knight got a team-mate!

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