Pig or Turkey Range Feeder
January 6, 2012, 8:35 pm
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My less than a dollar feeder

January 6, 2012

     I make these feeders out of plastic barrels of different sizes. I only have some left over lumber,  four bolts, and parts from two free barrels invested in them. Well OK, I guess I should count my time…but I don’t 😮
     The bottom is the end of a fifty-five gallon barrel. The center piece I make from a fifteen gallon or a ten gallon container, which ever I can get. I cut part of the top section out for filing the feeder. I cut holes around the sides of the bottom for the feed to come out.
     In the tray portion of the feeder cut from the fifty-five gallon drum, I place a one inch think board so it fits inside. I drill through the tray portion, the board and the smaller container with the holes in it so a bolt will go through all three pieces. The top part actually rocks a little bit on the board helping the feed to flow out. The board adds strength and stability, while the bottom tray part still sits flat on the ground.
     There is a handle on the smaller container next to where I cut the top out. I leave the handle intact and use it to hang the feeder so it just barely touches the ground. This keeps the pigs from tipping it over.
     When we use this feeder for turkeys or chickens, we take the center section of the fifty-five gallon barrel and split it lengthwise. A hole is drilled into the center. I slide it down the hanging rope and it makes a quanset style roof that keeps the feed dry. Well, most of the feed stays dry anyway 😮
     These feeders cost me only the price of the bolts.  Even if I had to pay for the barrels and the wood, these would still make a very inexpensive feeder. I have had some in use for over a year now. They are durable, easy to clean and best of all … Cheap!
     I use these feeders for pigs up to about 120#. Once they get much bigger than that, they can’t get their mouths in too well to eat. When its chickens, we use one feeder for about twenty-five chickens. We only raise turkeys a dozen at a time and one feeder is plenty for them.
     As good as these feeders work, I bet you could raise teenage boys with them 😮  Those boys don’t get full…. they just get tired of eating!

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job well done glad to see that heavy plastic being used not wasted or filling a landfill !! Do you need more barrels? work is picking up and busy season brings more barrels haha

Comment by Donna aka Gert

got you two of the small barrels coming with me Monday! see you then!

Comment by Donna aka Gert

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