Ready and Waiting
January 8, 2012, 1:43 pm
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Gravity Wagon Ready and Waiting

January 8, 2011

     The snow has melted once again. The fields look pretty good from far away, but once you step on one, you can feel the mud. I am hoping for a freeze up to finish picking my corn. The fields are almost a quagmire. They are a good place to keep tractors, wagons and equipment away. Lots of damage could be done to the soil structure by not waiting for better conditions.
     I will wait. I will pick some more by hand. It goes surprizingly fast … once I get started. The horses get right into that grove and know just what to do. I pick a little ways, then ask the horses to move up. They go about the length of the wagon and I stop them there. I pick again and the whole process is repeated until the wagon is full. I guess I should just use the gravity wagon and get it done 😮
     These crazy days of unseasonable weather make me think of spring. I am thinking about seeds, plowing and planting. I need to be focused on maple syrup season because I have so many jobs to complete, but I am like a young boy with spring fever.
     I hear the sound of muzzleloaders going off all around us. The short primitive season is almost over. I think some deer were harvested or some fellows missed a lot. There sure were a bunch of  shots taken. I guess the season grows in popularity a little more each year.
     The deer harvest is over for me this year. I have too many other things to take my time. The corn, the sugarhouse and a big pile of firewood is ….. ready and waiting!


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