Making the Bed
January 9, 2012, 9:56 pm
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Making ready for spring raspberries

January 9, 2012

     It doesn’t look like much yet, but this will be our raspberry bed come spring. My wife is beside herself. She thinks I am crazy to show a pile of poop, but what is really here, is the beginning stage of a great growing bed. It could be for anything, but the intended crop is raspberries.
     The bed is about four feet wide. There is a one foot layer of topsoil covered with compost applied late last fall. This bed will sit until spring when it will be all mixed together and shaped back into a sort of raised bed. The new, tender raspberry plants will be planted in this place.
     The black compost applied to the surface will help the soil warm faster in the spring. It will also provide good food for hungary growing raspberry plants. Once the plants are all planted, another layer of compost mixed with hardwood mulch, will be applied. That layer will not only feed the plants,but it will provide some weed control, as well.
     These warm days make me think spring… well the warm days along with all the mud 😮  It is a little hard to believe that it has been this unseasonable for so long. Winter has pretty much avoided us so far.
     I am enjoying a few days off from my off farm job. I am working my tail off. Tonight as I write, I can feel my old muscles complaining of todays work. It makes me smile a little because I know what is still to come this week… Shhh, I’m not going to tell my muscles … they will not be happy!
     One thing for sure, I will sleep the slumber that comes from hard work. My mind will rest satisfied with what we accomplished today. I am sure my hands will fall asleep, my back will ache from not moving too much in the bed … But I will rise knowing that I am a 50+ year old man…thankful to be alive 😮

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