Mob gathering
January 10, 2012, 9:29 pm
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Flocking Together

January 10, 2012

     Today January 10th, 2012 is the first day my sheep ate hay. They have been grazing since last April. They have had hay any time they want it, but have turned their noses up at it. They much preferred to eat what had been growing since last year.
     Grazing until now is a first for me. Last year we made it to the 23rd of December and I thought that was great. This one is one for the record books. I am sure it is mostly because of our wacky weather. It was 48 degrees F here in northeast Ohio today… not much breeze and it felt wonderful in the sun.
     It is funny how the sheep all grazed until one of them started to eat the hay. Then is was a mob as each one pushed their way in to find that exact mouthful. They were like piggys as they ate. No harm done, but they do waste quite a bit.
     I am not too worried about the waste. It all finds its way back to the compost pile and enriches much more than it ever took away. The sheep sleep on the pile staying warm and dry. They all stay together in thick or thin..just like a family should.
     When our brood gets together, sometimes the small children waste a little food. It is just like the hay. We have plenty and the leftovers get to the pigs , chickens or kitty cats. I am thankful for the bounty and treat it as such.
     Today I again worked my tail off … one would think it should start getting smaller 😮  Oh well, there is plenty of work and once again, I will sleep that awesome slumber that comes from hard work and being satisfied with a job well done.

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