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January 11, 2012, 11:06 pm
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Starting to fill the sugarhouse woodshed

January 11, 2012

     It was a wonderful day here today. It was still unseasonably warm. My son and the horses worked great as we started to fill the sugarhouse woodshed. The woodshed is bigger than it looks, because we worked until we were dog tired and it looks like a small start. The woodshed measures 28 x 16. It takes a lot of wood to fill it… I can sure see that now 😮
     Once again I am tired, yet happy. This is a good job, well started. We will continue to work at it until its done. My neighbor gave us a bunch of slabs. The wood was leftover from having his woodlot logged off this past summer. I didn’t think we would have the sugarhouse ready to go this season, but it looks like everything is falling into place… We shall see.
     It would be a shame to have everything ready to go and not have enough wood cut. It just takes time, but time is in short supply. The sugaring season is just five or six weeks away… Well it’s usually that way.  Who knows this year?
     This afternoon it started raining again. I finished the day working inside on things on my never-ending list. I did accomplish quite a bit, so even while confined indoors… I found a happy place. I am restoring order to my shop… Believe me it needs it!
     If today is any indication of what we can accomplish, then we need six more good days to fill the woodshed. If it freezes up, I will pick corn. On the days where it’s too warm to freeze the mud, the horses and I will work on wood. I enjoy this job very much… My back, legs and arms are complaining a bit tonight.. But I keep telling them Wood Work is good for us!

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Ralph it looks like you could store 28 cord that is a ton of wood

Have you ever figured how many trees taps gallons sap cord of wood gallons of syrup you would get in an average year

Comment by jeremy

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