Making Everything Ready
January 12, 2012, 5:03 pm
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Countdown to syrup

January 12, 2012

     The work continues in the sugarhouse. The chimney is next. A tarp covers the sap pan and lots of work still remains, but the progress has been mostly forward. I am pleased so far with my efforts.
     Today it rained all day. It was the drizzly cold kind that chills to the bone. A winter storm looms for the next day or so. I guess snow will take the place of the rain. I guess I should not complain, after all it is mid-January 😮
     The next few days the weather will control what happens on the farm. I have plans for any type of weather, but snow plowing makes my list get jumbled. I guess we’ll just see how this “weather event” all shakes out.
     The weathermen are so worried that they might miss a storm, they have to sensationalize everything anymore. Schools close and people run to the grocery to buy … what else?  Bread and Milk… I wonder what everyone makes with bread and milk?  All I know is that people must have it, every time the weather takes a turn for the worse!
     I guess while others are out getting their groceries, I will try to continue to make ready for the syrup season. It is coming fast and I still have much to do… but Lord willing .. we’ll be ready.

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Mom always said, “must have bread, milk & eggs”…you can turn anything into a meal with those, well, at least that’s what Mom said. 😉

Comment by Charlie

WOW! Charlie must have been reading my mind!! I was going to write the same exact thing!!! Too funny 🙂

Comment by Mindy

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