Winter is Back
January 14, 2012, 5:21 pm
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A Snowy Look Down The Lane

January 14, 2012

     Well, we knew it was coming back and last night it finally showed up. They told us to prepare for 3 to 5 inches… but more where “squalls persist”. Guess we were the persistent folks 😮
     I would say there is a little over a foot on the ground. There was enough that I absolutely had to plow the drive. It is a long job when the ground underneath is still not frozen. If I don’t take my time, I plow more gravel than snow.
     It went well today. I didn’t even dig up the lawn too much! The animals had a great time frolicking in the deep snow. King especially loves the white stuff. He had a grand time.
     The day comes to a close with just a gentle snowfall. The kind writers make great prose about. It’s the kind of snowflakes that kids love to catch on their tongues. The pine boughs hang heavy with the stuff and all the mud has been covered up.
     I am a guy who really likes winter. It is about time that we got a little taste of it … and yes, I did take the time to catch a few flakes on my tongue!

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