Having Treasure or Being Treasure …
January 16, 2012, 6:01 pm
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A Basket of Treasure

January 16, 2012

     The photo above was taken a few years ago. The basket is loaded with fresh produce. If you don’t think it is treasure, then you may be a person lucky enough to have not ever known hunger. This to me, along with wisdom, freely given by my ancestors, is pure gold in its finest form.
     Today is Martin Luther King Day. A day set aside to remember a man with great vision. He was a true martyr, a champion for civil rights. He helped America heal a wound that had been festering for one hundred years. He placed no blame, but rather asked each man, no matter their color,  to look inside himself for answers to some hard questions. He didn’t preach entitlement, he didn’t expect special favors, just plain old respect and equality. In other words, he preached about Freedom in the Land of the Free. He deserves to be remembered and his policies need to be upheld by all Peoples, no matter creed or color.
     I have been blessed with treasure. My treasure wouldn’t measure up by some standards, but they are dear to me. I received a good last name, not tarnished by ugly human things like greed, lying or prejudice. I have been loved by some awesome women, my mom, my grandmas, my aunts and of course my wife. I don’t remember being hungry although I know we endured some tough times. I have always had a warm bed at night with a roof over my head. Yes, I have been truly blessed 😮
    My list of treasures includes knowing some wonderful people. I have had teachers who made me see things that shaped my life. I have known men who taught me how to be a man, keeping my word and standing upon my principles. I have had heroes, alive and dead, movie stars and authors who also shaped my life. Lastly, I have been given a gift to see things with my heart and feel with my soul…. along with the ability to share that gift with others, through my writings.
     I would have to say that having treasure is a wonderful thing. I will also say that being a treasure to someone else, is a better thing. I hope that I am  considered as such by family and others … for in doing so … I have succeeded in life…..  And I ask you … What could be better than that?

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What a wonderful way to explain Dr. King’s mission. I had a 3rd grade teacher who helped me understand exactly what you just wrote. It was never just about the rights of the colored man, but the rights of all men.

As for those awesome women who love(d) you, please don’t forget next time you think about it, to include a couple younger sisters on that list…(one of us is not so “little” that’s why I say younger…Min is a fatty ya know – LOL)

Comment by Charlie

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