Sharing Secrets
January 17, 2012, 11:41 pm
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King and I Sharing a Secret

January 17, 2012

     Some of the best things in the world come from knowing a secret. The only thing better is keeping one for someone else. When someone trusts you enough to share a deep part of themselves.. do the honorable thing and keep it to yourself.
     Tomorrow we will be putting the smokestack on the sugarhouse. I think it will be a big job, but my buddy says that it is no big deal. I sure hope he is right! It comes in sections. He has a plan. I will just labor for him … and probably fret a little bit 😮
     Crazy weather here today. It was in the 50’s at noon time and now is below freezing. The snow is trying to fall, but the rain is in a fist fight with it. I am not sure who is winning but it is like an icy stare outside.
     It you can’t feel an icy stare … think back in your memory to a time when you let someone’s secret slip out… Can you feel the chill? I remember once telling my mom about a secret of my sister. She had painted her brand new, white go-go boots purple, with elderberries. I am sure my mother would have noticed, but my sister was sure that I had given up her secret. It was chilly in that house for a while.. let me tell you!

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And boy did I beg for those boots!!! I wanted them so bad and they had to be White! Only white would do and then yep I did it!! I will never forget it. But if I think about it real hard you probably DARED me!!! 🙂 I love you!!

Comment by Mindy

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