Stacking Up
January 18, 2012, 10:24 pm
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The new sugarhouse stack

January 18, 2012

     Usually when things are stacking up it is not a good thing. Today, however, it was a very good thing! We got most of the new smoke stack installed in the sugarhouse.
     It was a brisk day with temperatures hovering around 23 degrees F. The wind was calm and that too was a good thing. This job took ingenuity and quite a bit of bull work… Actually I think it took a lot of bull work!
     We had rigged a chainfall, some cribbing and an extra chain. We got the stack up to the last 18 inches and ran out of  “umph”. Luckily, just in time, my son showed up. We cut him a 2×4 push stick and with new determination, we all found that last little bit of strength.
     The chimney rose up and up inch after inch, until finally we could set it on the blocks cut just for that purpose. I felt like singing. The worst part of the job was complete! Tonight, I think all of us are feeling that last push… but it was a celebration just the same 😮
     It will still take a good part of one more day to complete the job, but the hardest part is over. The stack is 16 inches in diameter. The entire thing is 26 feet tall from the maple syrup arch to the chimney cap. It is designed to pull the smoke and excess heat from our cooking syrup. We have a forced air system or the stack would need at least another two feet of height.
     My hat is off once again to my friend Marvin and his son Roy. I felt inadequate at times, but helped and grunted as much as I could. Marvin had done this job more than once before. He knew how it would all shake out, but it was all new for me. I don’t mind telling anyone … I don’t care if I never have to do that job again!
     My day started early, just after 4am. I am headed for bed soon and will surely sleep good. The satisfaction of a job completed will help, but the effort in that last push … will surely help the tired muscles rest.

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