The Last Piece
January 19, 2012, 6:42 pm
Filed under: January 2012
The transition piece waits for installation

Jaunary 19, 2012

     Usually when you are down to the last piece , it is a bad thing. I am thinking pie or cake here of course 😮 In this case, however, It is a good thing. The last piece of sugarhouse smoke stack is ready to go in.
     I had to work on other stuff today and was not able to work in the sugarhouse. Yesterdays chimney installation went well, but left me a little tired. I almost wish I could have cleared my schedule and finished the job. Oh well, it will be there as soon as the opportunity presents itself.
     Today I had an appointment to get shoes on my horses. The recent ice and up coming maple season makes me want to be sure the horses have plenty of gripping power. Traction is a very good thing when pulling. I want them to have every advantage… I also don’t want one of them slipping and falling.
     The horses are admiring their new shoes. They seem to be learning to walk again. They have new traction and lots of it. The ice and even the asphalt is no match for the biting shoes. I like the confidence it gives me when asking the horses to walk on the long icy driveway. The long drive has been made a skating rink by some maintenance trucks doing work on a gas well site.
     The site is an old one. The work being done is that of putting a pumper on the old gas well to get the water out. The work was supposed to be done last summer … I guess the rains held them up too. Anyway, now I have a hard, ice packed lane, that is slippery for man and beast!
     We were supposed to get a couple of inches of passing snow this afternoon. We are still getting it and I have already plowed the drive. Our trip home from Middlefield, that usually takes less than an hour, took over an hour and a half tonight. If it weren’t for the weight of the horses new shoes, I might not have made it home that fast 😮
     The next thing I am looking for is for the last piece of this years firewood!

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