What a Lap Dog
January 20, 2012, 8:24 pm
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King sitting on my lap

January 20, 2012

     My puppy’s latest thing is to sit on my lap! He comes over, straddles my leg, drapes his belly across my thigh and waits to be petted. He is a goof, but also only seven months old,  so I guess it’s just a “puppy thing”.
     I can’t ever see myself with a small “foo-foo” dog. One that yips, jumps and runs as if possessed, is not for me. I like a calm companion who is all business when it is supposed to be and relaxed when it’s not working. King is perfect this way and Lucy was too.
     I understand that some folks gravitate to the smaller lap type dogs. I guess they like to cuddle. I never understood that whole deal until King started sitting upon my lap. My mom had a chihuahua that spent a lot of time in her pocket … I am sure King won’t try that.

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I don’t know by the size of those “Bibs” he may fit soon!!! 🙂 Love reading your Blogs! Now that I have a lot of free evenings I have more time to be on the computer so I will try and keep up with them!! Love you!

Comment by Mindy

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