Another Springlike Day
January 22, 2012, 9:08 pm
Filed under: January 2012
Knight, Duke and Hoss enjoy some playtime

January 22, 2012

     Today was a beauty. It was crisp and cold until afternoon. The sun came out and warmed it into the upper thirtys. I was at my off farm job and missed the nice day for any farm work ,… But it was Sunday, so farm work would wait anyway.
     The horses enjoyed some play time while I did chores. The sugarhouse can be seen in the woods behind them. There is work there waiting just as almost any corner that I look at … Man it is so very good to have stuff to do 😮
     I am so excited to be getting things done and planning for more. It is a blessing to be healthy enough to work. It is fun this time of year to look back at last year and see just how much was accomplished. I am very satisfied.
     Sure, I have plans for more work, but that keeps me going, gives me hope and satisfaction. I can’t wait to work on some of my projects. Many of them will require help from family and friends…fair warning everybody 😮 Seriously, it is nice to work with those close to you. Meals are shared, conversation is enjoyed and memories are made…what is better than that?
     I will work on things while the skies are wet and dreary, but the next springlike day that rolls around… lookout everyone … I’ll be calling!

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