Heifer Holiday
January 23, 2012, 4:19 pm
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Cattle Comfort at it’s Best

January 23, 2012

     Today is the Chinese Lunar New Year..apparently the only ones who knew it was a holiday today, were the cows. The sun came out for a while mid-day and the heifers stretched out on the hay and soaked it up 😮
     This farm is all about comfort. It is a quiet, stress free place that allows my mind to rest. My body drains of worry. My soul fills with peace. I am content, satisfied and happy. The stresses of an off farm job are left far behind. My mind heals and allows me to shore up my feelings, enabling me to face the job that helps pay for the farm.
     I can see the day when I am making my living on this farm. The debt of real estate, equipment and infrastructure will be behind me. I have sacrificed part of my life, but believe the best part is yet to come! I soon will be enjoying the comforts of this farm every hour of every day, but until then, it will be my haven,,indeed my Heaven, here on Earth.
     The new Rural Heritage magazine came today in the mail. I write for that magazine. I have a couple of stories in this issue. The articles are about a few things I do to save money, while providing comfort to my animals. I hope the shared ideas will inspire someone else to do likewise.
     The temperature is warm again, in the fortys. The snow has mostly melted and rain is falling steady. I guess we will be back to mud for a day of two. This is a crazy winter, the likes of which, I have not ever seen.
     The animals are enjoying the peeks of sun that divide the rains. I guess I will join the heifers during their holiday and just roll with it. I can’t change it, so why not embrace it?

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