It’s Time
January 24, 2012, 4:00 pm
Filed under: January 2012
Freedom Rangers ready for the freezer

January 24, 2012

     The chickens in the photo are a new breed, developed for free range grazing. I use this little shed, built on an old boat trailer, to provide them with shelter and a place to roost.
     Usually they would be in the freezer by now, but this year has been warm and nice, so I am growing them a bit larger. It will be nice to have such a large bird for roasting. It is almost time to butcher them. I just need a day off with a clear schedule.
     Our laying flock is just starting to lay. There are a few roosters mixed in that bunch too. I will butcher those young roosters the same time I do the Freedom Ranger meat birds… one mess, no fuss.
     This is my first trial of the Freedom Ranger chickens. I butchered some at a younger age, but am keeping these for a sort of gourmet treat 😮  The meat and gravy from these young tender birds will be awesome. It does help to mention that the efforts of my wifes cooking skills come into play here too!
     Sugarhouse work, cutting firewood,chores, seed planning and butchering are all on my list of jobs. Last night I worked out the details of a new pig hut that I want to construct….ahhhh more work 😮
     The best thing is, that all my jobs fall into place. The wood is waiting, the sugarhouse is coming along, chores give me peace and the chickens keep eating and growing…like money in the bank. I will get the chickens butchered … It’s almost time.

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