January 26, 2012, 9:50 pm
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New life for the old arch

January 26, 2012

     I spent part of today wire brushing and cleaning on our old cast iron maple syrup arch. It was a noisy, dirty job. I next rubbed “stove black” into the old metal. I did paint part of her, but the worst part was all hand rubbed. Stove black is an old-time polish for wood stoves etc. It takes the heat, protects the stove … and looks real nice 😮
     I can see a few spots, now that it dried, that could use a second going over. I may try to make that happen, but I do realize this was mostly for pleasing the eye.  Even though I will get some protection from the elements, it was done mostly for looks.
     The rains came almost all day. The pens were all cleaned and bedded with new clean straw. I am sure the animals are enjoying their freshly made beds. Mud is the word of the day, but the 40 degree (f) temperatures allowed me to paint in January … so I will be quiet about all the mud.
     Today was certainly a good day for inside work…even rustbusting!

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I can almost smell the sweetness in the air! Applying stove black…did you cover yourself head to toe?

Comment by Charlie

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