Maple Sap Evaporator Is All Set Up !
January 27, 2012, 7:34 pm
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Awesome Day!

January 27, 2012

     What an awesome day! It started early, but was well worth every minute. The evaporator pans are all set up. There are  a few things to finish up, but the hardest part of the job has been completed.
     I smashed my thumb installing the pan gasket, but even that blood blister is worth it. The pans and arch (recently painted) look very nice to me. It is like living a dream, because this day has been a long day coming. I am swelled up with pride, not because of what I have, but rather, what I have been blessed with.
     I am sure it is a very good day for my grandparents and parents as they looked down from above. I set a goal many years ago and today I have a reached it. This sugarhouse set up is better than I imagined for myself. I almost have to pinch myself to make sure it is real.
     Once again my friend Marvin was here helping complete the job. Next week we plan to boil water in a “test” boil. This ensure everything works as it should, before the syrup season is upon us. I do have quite a few more small projects to complete before then, but it is coming along nicely.
     On the roof of my sugarhouse is a cupola. It has doors that open from inside. The open doors help to draw the steam out of the building. The doors are configured sort of like dampers in a fireplace. We managed to set them all up today too 😮
     One of the jobs still needing completion is that of plumbing the holding tanks to the evaporator. At least now we can get real measurements and a material list. Sounds like another rainy day project. The reason I say that, is because on almost every nicer day… I will be cutting, splitting and stacking wood. I want a minimum of 5 cords stacked and ready before Valentine’s Day.
     Tomorrow the horses and I will be working on our firewood project. I am sure they are thrilled. I could tell as I did chores tonight. I even asked if any of them had complaints and they said not one word 😮
     The main thing I want to leave my reader with today is this; do not ever give up on your dreams. There will be set backs. There will be people who are nay-sayers. There will be times when the goal seems so far away, it is out of sight. Don’t give up!
     I remember forty-five years ago sitting in my grandpa’s sugarhouse. It was a warm steamy place. The smell was wonderful and the hot syrup taste is still sweet on my tongue. Those memories are vivid and some of my most favorite of all. Now, it is my turn to make such memories with my family. I can’t wait to share, especially with the ones who are farthest away … no matter what age.
     I think the expression of “Sweet Dreams” must have come from a sugarhouse. All I know is that I had a “sweet dream”. I have carried it much of my life … and today … that dream came true!

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