Raised Flue
February 1, 2012, 9:15 pm
Filed under: February 2012
Looking into the syrup pans

February 1, 2012

      The maple syrup pans have what they call raised flues. The back part of the picture is the raised flue part. The idea is that the fire and heat can reach more surface because of the flues. More surface heated means more boiling sap. The boiling sap yields the syrup.
     The whole system works on gravity. As the sugar content increases, the sweet liquid gets heavier. The heavy sweet stuff pushes towards the front part of the pan on either the left or right side depending upon where you are taking the syrup off that day.
     I had a hard time understanding what gravity could do, but then I turned fifty. Wow, my chest fell into my drawers, my mouth looks like a frown and its harder to get up 😮 I can tell you that gravity is a powerful force!
     A little work happened here today, but much more is planned for the weekend. The weather needs to turn cold now for a spell. It will be time to tap in just a couple of weeks. The weather acts like it wants to make syrup now, but the trees seem to know better. One thing for sure, this year will be interesting.

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