Ground Hog Day
February 2, 2012, 9:45 pm
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Fresh Sausage made in December

February 2, 2012

     I guess this day means many things to many people. When I think of Ground Hog, I think of yummy sausage gravy, links or patties. Now if folks would say “Woodchuck Day” … that might conjure up something different 😮
     Seriously, the tradition of Groundhog Day dates back to 1887, when a group of Pennsylvania people from Punxatauny came up with the whole winter tale. The tradition caught on and many places have copied this event. My hat is off to those hardy Pennsylvania folks.
     Old farmers used to say, “Half your wood and half your hay, is what you should have on Groundhog Day.” This year I am in pretty good shape, unless you count the needed sugarhouse wood. Oh well, I am working on that.
     I couldn’t pick up the shadow on the sausage package, but the real groundhog saw his. They say six more weeks of winter in store for us. If that is true … it will be about the only winter we get! Skiers, sledders and sugar makers are all getting nervous! I guess we hope the famous rodent is right 😮
     The good news is a hearty breakfast of eggs “ground-hog” and toast will keep woodcutters, skiers and sledders warm. I am all for that. I can’t help but wonder what the conversation was that first February 2nd in 1887 was all about. Do you think there were comments like … “I never “sausage” a weather telling whistle pig!”    😮

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hhahhahahahaha!!!!!! everyone loves that sausage!!!!! and ham and pork hehe still wondering about those waffles! xoxoxo now i have to get up and make breakfast!!

Comment by gert aka Donna

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