I wish I had a hundred!
February 3, 2012, 2:43 pm
Filed under: February 2012
One of our maple matrons

February 3, 2012

     Scattered through our woods are a few of these big, old, beautiful maple trees. I am very pleased to have them. I can say that I wish I had a hundred of them. Perhaps, I should wish for a thousand! As my mom would say, “if wishes were fishes, we’d have some to fry.”
     I will not complain. I am happy to have the ones we do. They put down lots of seed every year. They give us gallons of sweet sap and they are beautiful to look at, even on a winter day. It is no wonder that the folks of yore planted these trees along the roads. The massive crowns shaded the road… a very nice thing when horse-drawn buggies and wagons were the mode of transportation.
     I am sure that visiting with your sweetie while driving to town, in the cool shade on a summer day, was a wonderful thing. I would dare to say that it was almost magic. I don’t see road rage being a problem and who could get stressed on a quiet ride like that?
     A hundred or a thousand of these old trees would be a wonderful addition to a sugarbush. The amount of sweet sap they could produce would be awesome. I won’t wish my life away, instead I will take care of these old trees and manage our woodlot to encourage the young ones to grow strong and true.
     I am always pleased when I take a walk through the woods and discover a young sugar maple growing in an obscure spot. I mentally mark that spot and return with a chain saw to cull some nearby trees that would be competing for food and light. The young trees respond well to this treatment and make a good jump in growth over the next few years.
     We plant a few sugar maple seedlings every couple of years. It is a big deal on Arbor Day and fills me with pride. I know that I will never tap the baby trees, but I am comforted knowing that someone will. Whomever planted the old tress here on my farm probably never tapped them either … but it sure does work out well for me 😮 
     So, I guess on my whimsical days when I look at clouds for cartoon characters and such, I will go ahead and wish for a hundred big, old sugar maple matrons to grace our farm.

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