Our Little Sugarhouse
February 5, 2012, 5:21 pm
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Our little sugarhose in the dell

February 5, 2012

     Here she is, I guess I just like looking at it. This little sugarhouse has been on my dream list for a long, long time. Seeing it here in the little hollow, taking shape and filling up with wood, is simply an awesome sight for me.
     When we were walking the farm prior to buying it, I said that here would make a great spot for a sugarhouse. That was twenty years ago and finally, here it is! My mom told me that someday I would have the things that I dreamed of. I guess she had faith in me and my ability to work hard for what I want.
     I don’t expect gifts. I don’t mind at all working for things, be it relationships or material things like a sugarhouse. The important thing is to not give up. Keep trying and when you get a set back, pause, re-group and try a little harder. The finished product really is the “umph” in  … triumph 😮
     Today is Sunday. I walked around the farm enjoying the unseasonable springlike day. It feels more like April fifth than February fifth that is for sure. I am a little anxious about the upcoming syrup season and this wacky weather. I am doing my very best to just keep getting ready for making syrup and leaving the whole weather thing up to God…. I can get wood, but I can’t roll back nature.
     Our little sugarhouse is just one project that I will call a success. It joins several others here on the farm. I can say it is also one of many things that I hold dear. I will say however, that all these things only add pleasure to my country life, the real sustenance is family and friends…without those two things we are nothing at all.


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Nice picture Ralph, I can almost see it steamin!

Comment by Lee Schulz

Glad you enjoyed it. I am with you… I can’t wait to see and smell it up and running!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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