February 6, 2012, 6:21 pm
Filed under: February 2012
Our sheep flock sunning themselves

February 6, 2012

     What a beautiful day. It is another April or May day in February! The sheep took advantage of it and laid lazily in the sun. I think they were overdosing on the vitamin “D”. They reminded me, of me. I didn’t lay in the sun, but I sure enjoyed they day.
     We worked the horses on firewood. That job is going well even though it is an almost unending one. Today was a great day to work at it. The sun was warm on our bodies, but a spring breeze kept us cool.
     This farm gives me contentment everyday, like the sheep were enjoying today. It is a quiet hamlet that takes away my stress. Our home is comfortable, warm and cozy. The neat outside appearance gives me satisfaction. I am thankful for this gift and work hard to glorify the God who made it possible.
     Sounds like winter will return by the week’s end. I hope to have most of the firewood done, but will probably still be whacking away at it in the cold. The good thing is, that the cold weather gives new hope for a good syrup season.
     I got the new sap sled taken down to the sugarhouse. I hope to install the gathering tank on it before dark. I am probably asking too much of myself … but what’s new with that? 😮
     We worked on our income taxes today. That job is mostly done. I need some farm time now to rest my brain, relax and enjoy the contentment found here. Thankfully for me, Connie does most of that work.. or else I probably would be out laying in the sun with the sheep!

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