Wages in Wood
February 10, 2012, 5:05 pm
Filed under: February 2012
Truckload of wood for a day of work

February 10, 2012

     My son Jake helped me for most of a full day. He harnessed and drove the horses, hauled some wood and gave me a hand in the sugarhouse. The wages for the day was this load of firewood.
     I know he would have helped anyway, but his wood supply is low, so this worked out well for both of us. We got to use that awesome wood splitter too 😮
     It’s almost funny to think of paying in wood, because I could have gotten the work done for free…. right Jake? Anyway, it was good to watch him with my horses. He is a real teamster. His voice is soft and his touch is light, but firm. This form of guidance I hope he got from me.
     We still have a lot of wood to bring in, but things continue to progress nicely. I hope to do a “test boil” with water next week, the day before we tap the trees.
     It’s cold here today and the ground is starting to freeze. It will be nice if the snow holds off long enough to freeze the soil deep. I may even get some corn picked 😮 Yep, that job is still on my list! I may even get some help for that day, but I doubt I can pay for it with wood …. But who knows?!

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