Plumb Crazy
February 11, 2012, 5:01 pm
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Long shadows at the close of day

February 11, 2012

     I can’t help but share one more photograph of our sugarhouse. There is a winter storm outside. The wind is howling and snow is being piled up everywhere. The temperature has dropped and winter has returned. I am glad that I have not tapped yet, but a little remorseful that I didn’t get more wood cut.
     We had some wonderful spring days. I had the opportunity to get all that plumbing done. I guess perhaps I was “plumb crazy” for working inside when the woodpile waited outside to be cut and split. Oh well, it all had to be done and the plumbing would be a much worse job on a cold day like today.
     The wood cutting can go on even in sub-zero temperatures. That job keeps a guy warm no matter what the temperature is outside 😮 I actually like the cold and working in it … especially when there is a hot cup of coffee, waiting for me, just inside the house.
     My mom would be so stinking happy for me right now, that she would be busting. Her ashes lay right on the hill where we will pour the maple sap into the pipe that fills the tanks inside the sugarhouse. This location was her choice. I take great comfort in having her there. Her husband too joins her there, next to our sugar shack.
     The activity will crank up next week as the tapping begins, the sap collection starts and laughter fills the woods. OK, maybe just a little foul language if I hit my thumb driving in the spiles, but I doubt it. I am plumb crazy for this job and no matter how bad it gets..I’m going to be smiling like a Cheshire cat!
     I first made syrup in the back yard of mom’s house. It was a long process that would take a whole weekend. The yield was usually about a pint of the darkest syrup you have ever seen. I remember sharing some with a teacher once. She placed that inky, sticky stuff to her lips and made a face like she was tasting food for the Gods. Dang! She was a brave woman.
     That was many years ago, as I tried to bring back memories, made in my grandpa’s sugarhouse. Those memories were cut short when he and my grandma were killed in a horrific traffic accident. That was 43 years ago this week… I am still not over it.
     I hope to make memories for my family, both young and old. Furthermore, I hope to make memories for other families. These that I hold deep inside, are literally some of the “sweetest” memories that I keep.
      The weather can be cold, the work hard, the mud and slop can be a real hurdle…but I love it. Now, if that’s not plumb crazy… I ask you, What is?

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I know Mom would be excited for you; I am as well. She chose that spot close to the sugar house because of the fond memories she also had of fellowship that was shared inside the steamy walls when sap was boiling.

Comment by Charlie

Having mom nearby is just one more Sweet Reward that comes from our little sugarhouse! Beav

Comment by Beaver

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