Sweetened the Pans!
February 17, 2012, 11:37 pm
Filed under: February 2012
First Boil

February 17, 2012

     We did it! We boiled our first sap in the new sugarhouse. We had plenty of minor setbacks, a few small leaks and we ran out of day, but by golly we had steam rising and sap boiling!
     It was a great day. One of our kids and their family helped all day. My uncle also was here and helped a bunch. My grandchildren had fun for a while, but when they had enough, it was a little noisy. No big deal , just a big day for youngsters.
     Sometimes the mud was deep, other times the brush would grab at your legs or sticks would trip you. The other fact is that my legs tire quicker now that we are middle-aged 😮  It was no wonder the little ones were tired out.
     We gathered just shy of 800 gallons of sap. We had to fill up the pans, then start boiling. There is a lot of water in the sap that must be boiled away. I stayed at it long enough to get the pans “sweet”. This means that tomorrow we will be making syrup.
     There is about 150 gallons of sap to still collect and another 400 gallons left to boil, so we should see a fair amount of pure maple syrup made by bedtime tomorrow night.
     This is a dream come true for me. I have to get ready for bed now. Its going to take a half an hour to get the smile off my face just so that I can shave. One thing is for sure…. it was one sweet day!

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