Two days become one
February 19, 2012, 9:56 pm
Filed under: February 2012
“Unk” surveying the steam

February 19, 2012

     My uncle helps out quite a bit around here. He is a confidant, helper and friend. He was as pleased as me when the steam started to rise from the maple syrup pans. I am sure he celebrated this accomplishment as much as I did.
     Yesterday, after a long day at work, I fired up after supper to finish boiling our first run. I had some complicated problems that resulted in no syrup made last night, but , I learned a lot! One thing I took home from my lesson is to be better prepared in case things go bad.
     I avoided trouble, but just by a whisker. I was in the sugarhouse until almost 2 am. I had to be up for work by 4am… It was a very short night as two days became one!
     I will get to buckets to keep in the sugarhouse, filled with fresh cold sap. I will call them my “oh crap” buckets. If things get dicey again, at least I will have my “oh crap” dump in fast and save the day insurance at the ready 😮
     One other lesson… no matter how long your day gets… never sweep hot coals with a nylon broom. It stinks … literally and the broom gets short very quickly!

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