Thanks Mom
February 20, 2012, 4:44 pm
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Mom’s final resting place

February 20, 2012

     This is the spot my mother chose for her final resting place. It is, as you can see, near my sugarhouse. I even tap the trees near her. The unloading line is right where she can see the amount we gathered on any given day. I am very sure she would be pleased.
     My mother believed in me no matter what. I was a hero in her eyes and there was nothing that I could not do. I did push her buttons now and then, but she’d have me back in line in no time. She always told me to believe in myself and don’t give up.
     In my life so far, I have had a few set backs and even a couple rough times. I have been heart-broken, beat down and broke. I do believe that it was my mother’s constant believing in me that made me keep going no matter what…. Thanks mom 😮
     I still have days when things just make me want to explode, but I can hear my mother saying,  “quit bulling!”.  I reach inside myself somewhere and find that quiet place that cools me down… I usually have to walk off to the barn or woods, but in no time, I am relaxed and ready for more.
     As my mom’s life grew dim, I told her that one day I would have a nice little farm with a sugarhouse in a small valley. She patted the back of my hand and said, “I know you will.” I did not realize that once again, she could see the determination in my soul. She knew I would not quit, until I had succeeded.. Thanks mom once again for believing in my dreams 😮
     I can only hope that I touch the lives of people like my mother touched mine. I guess my mother would say that I already have … So, once again I will say … Thanks Mom.

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Thanks Mom for being the BEST MOM in the world. I only hope that like Beav, I also will touch lives of others with the Stength, love and wisdom that you taught us. Thanks for believing in all 3 of us!! You have made us all better people just for being the special person, sister, mother and BEST friend that you were. I miss you so much!!! Thought it would get easier but somedays it’s just unbearable!!!

Comment by Mindy

See it’s days like this that I shouldn’t read YOUR BLOGS!!! I love You! 🙂

Comment by Mindy

Now where Melinda is being a baby boohoo, I am smiling along side you because I know Mom is too. She was far more wise than I ever realized, her intuintion uncanny and of course, her love unconditional. Although, we got that stubborn streak from her, she knew when to remind all of us, on more than one occassion to “quit bulling” it, step back, take a breath or two and in the end all would work itself out. I am so happy that this dream has come to fruition for you and you can be as “sappy” as you want in that sugar house!

Comment by Charlie

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