Going after more
February 27, 2012, 12:14 am
Filed under: February 2012
Jacob, Knight and Hoss going after more sap

February 26, 2012

     The maple syrup season continues. Today we boiled the last sap  we had for the week. I was supposed to take it easy..well, I did,,,boiling is fun for me 😮 I must admit that I like driving the horses more than cooking, but the boiling is relaxing.
     Inside the sugarhouse there is plenty to do, lots of things to watch and plenty to worry about if you let it. I simply zone out and take it all in stride. Sure I keep an eye on many things at once and an ear out too for trouble, but I enjoy the process of making maple syrup.
     There is plenty of stress in life. I don’t want to have it in my farming ventures. If it’s not fun, then I don’t want to do it. I don’t mind the hard work because that relaxes me too. I refuse to be driven by greed or motivated by money. I need to survive. I need to break even, but more importantly I need to live. Life is not good with a bunch of self-imposed stress in it … if you have some, get rid of it!
     When we gather sap there is only the sound of nature, laughter and the small noises that the horses make. The harness jingles, the hoofbeats in the water and the sound of sap being poured into the tank are therapeutic for me. The laughter that comes from men working, at a job they enjoy, is peaceful music to the ears.
     We have about 500 taps in our woods and now that things are all worked out, I wish we would have tapped more. That sentiment is also felt by my family. I am glad that we have worked out the kinks this year. I am also glad to have done it without too much undue stress. Next year we will go bigger, but not so big as to out grow our current situation.
     When it comes to happiness, I can only say that we are … Going after more!

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