Liquid Gold
February 27, 2012, 8:54 pm
Filed under: February 2012
Our first efforts

February 27, 2012

     Here are two sample bottles representing our first two runs of syrup. The sweet stuff looks beautiful and tastes wonderful 😮 I would even say YUMMY!
     We gathered today, but probably should have waited until tomorrow. This whole thing is a learning curve. We gathered 1/2 full bags and the trees were dripping good. I am sure that by tomorrow, we will have half full bags once again. It makes no sense to cover the entire woods for only half the amount. I will say though, that we are getting good at it!
     The horses seem to take it all in stride and are enjoying the light loads due to my mis-judgement. Oh well, it’s not a production thing for me anyway … yet! I am enjoying myself no matter what.
     We did get in several good loads of split wood. The chunks burn well with the slab wood and hold the coals very well. This heat in my arch finishes the syrup better than any way that I have fired thus far. This is a learning curve for me, but I am enjoying the lessons.
     The season is in full swing. I am praying that the good syrup weather continues for me and for the other producers as well. This liquid gold is part of many farm plans and a few guys’ entire enterprize. I am glad that for me, at this point, it is mostly fun… after the expenses are met …. now if I can just hit that target 😮

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